Personal Training
      Holly & Breanne
           Two of the best trainers in Edmonton

            The only professional male oriental dancer between Vancouver and Toronto


            Jeannie is a teacher, performer and costume supplier in Red Deer

      Arabesque Studios
            Artistic director Yasmina Ramzy. A quintessential site for dance classes, merchandise and inspiration.

      Cleopatra's Bazaar
            If you want it, Audra probably has it! A faboulous resource for CDs, videos, costumes, jewelry and more.

      Suleiman Warwar
            Suleiman's percussion CD titled Beyond Rhythm has wickedly fast bellydance drum solos and a number of fusion pieces for listening or dancing.

      Nouvel Expose
            Toronto based group that does it all! Fantastic dancers doing Ethiopian, Hiphop, Bellydance and Fusion.

            Toronto based dancer that is wonderful to watch. Indian, Hiphop, Bellydance and Fusion.

            Find dancers all over the world.

           Shira has a great reference site with all sorts of information.