Aurora is available to teach workshops within and outside of Edmonton. Please contact Aurora for fee information as fees are subject to change based on workshop length, enrolment and expenses.

Workshop content and difficulty level varies based on the client's desires and goals. Workshops can include any combination of the following topics.

Learning how to drum creates better understanding of Arabic music and aids in the dancers ability to interpret music. A drumming workshop includes basic drumming technique and Egyptian rhythms. Students are required to have a hand drum, preferably a dumbek, and are encouraged to bring a pen and paper to take notes regarding technique and rhythm.

Partial or complete choreographies and the movements required for the choreography are taught. Difficulty level and style of music must be discussed before the workshop.

Egyptian style dance movements are taught at any level, from beginner to advanced. Please see class descriptions for more information.

Dance Props
Props enhance the presentation of a dance by adding a layer of complexity and creating different dynamics. Common props used are veil, cane, sword and zills, and can be taught as individual entities or within the context of a choreography. Due to the complexity these props create, dancers with a year or two of experience typically obtain the most benefit and is not recommended for beginners. Props must be provided by the students. For more information on where or how to obtain props, please contact Aurora.

Folklore encompasses the many styles of traditional dance or dances created to represent different aspects of the Arabic culture. Examples of possible styles than can be taught are Kaleegy, Zaar, Whirling, Saidi, Tribal, and Mohamed Ali Street. If there is a style you are interested in and it is not listed here, please contact Aurora.

Professional Training
This workshop is designed for students that are at an advanced level and desire a more in depth study of music and performance. Students are encouraged to explore their utmost potential thorough understanding of music and dance. The workshop focus is on stage presence and dynamics, improvisation, music, performing with live musicians and performance techniques. Students are taught to recognize and perform subtle changes in the body, such as a change in wrist position, thus creating more artistic and emotional dancers.